Ano Natsu de Matteru 1

Yes I am blogging about Ano Natsu de Matteru. I have felt compelled to blog about it after watching the first episode and being entertained by it a lot. It had laughing at the end when Kaito’s Sister walked in and saw Ichika hold Kaito and Ichika was in a towel. That would have probably been to a shock to me as well. It became even funnier when the towel started to fall off and to try and hide her boobs she hugged Kaito and brought him to her chest. She did this because Kaito’s sister was walking in from the outside and anyone would have been able to see her. As anyone can tell by now I at least liked the first episode. I hope that it keeps up like this. This could well be my favorite of season. Well as of right now it between this and Amagami SS+. I just love romance and love stories. But let go over the other things that happened in this first episode of Ano Natsu de Matteru.

I can’t really explain what happened in beginning, but it has something to do with the mark that is reveal on Kaito’s neck later in the episode. His friends think it is hickey. But he does not look like the type to just be making out with girls on a regularly. He was filming something and then we treated to him being back in his room and he does not remember what happened. But it slowly comes back him and at the end he passes out. That is where Ichika comes in. But I am getting to far ahead of myself.

Kaito first notices Ichika by the little glimpse of red hair he sees for far away as a train passes by. Later on at school he is talking with friends and he has camcorder with him. He is apparently thinking about some type of movie. He looks out the classroom window and sees Ichika. as of right now he has not met her. He starts filming her and all his friends notice. This provides a nice situation for him to be able to meet Ichika. His male friend who I don’t remember his name was able to glean some information about Ichika from one of the teachers. He tells Kaito Ichika’s three sizes. Kaito friend then has the brilliant idea to go ask Ichika while she is eating lunch to be in the yet to be decided movie. She says yes and thus the events are set in motion for Kaito and Ichika to hook up. Ichika must have Kaito sometime before because she is happy that he is okay.

Later on Kaito finds Ichika fishing in a river that he knows has no fish in it. He tells her this and then they start walking together. While they are walking Kaito is daydreaming about asking Ichika to stay at his house. But the only problem is that is he blurting about his daydream and he asks Ichika to stay at his house. She readily accepts because she has no where else to go. So fast forwarding a little bit we end up with Ichika setting out of the bathroom and calling for Kaito. She then runs to the main hall and finds him passed. Of course she is wrapped in a towel. She kneels over him and calls out to something. That something is the suitcase that has some weird creature/ machine. What Kaito thought was a bug bite was actually worse and Ichika seems like she knows what it is. She fixes by kissing him. It must have something to do with that weird light that formed around her. Than that is when Kaito’s Sister and friend walk in.

Wow that is a lot. I will definitely be keeping up with this show.


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