Phi Brain 14

Every time Einstein’s face was shown I thought to myself that the animators are getting very lazy. This was a pretty badly animated episode for this series. I just hope that it does not get any worse than this. I just feel like slapping someone right now because I was put through watching this. But I don’t want to rant about animation quality because I never intend on doing that. So let’s dive into the episode with abandon.

Rook is playing the part of the evil person very because now he is aiming indirectly at Einstein by aiming at his friends. He was been able to sow doubt in Edison’s mind that Kaito considers him a friend. It really sucks because that puzzle giver told Edison that the puzzle he solved was made by Rook when he turned five. Of course it has to expected that Rook was a very smart lad or he would not be in the position of power he holds right now. the position includes being able to torture a rather insecure person. But who am I judge?

Einstein wanted to pursue Rook the second he woke up in hospital, but that Galileo got his way. At least Galileo, Nonoha, and Ana have not been affected by Rook’s evil ways yet. But the attitude that Einstein had could have scared me away in an instant. If Rook never plays his games with them then Einsteins anger will probably be the equivalent of Rooks evil plot. OR should I be saying Pythagoras’ evil plot?


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