Bakuman S2: Episode 14

So now Takagi’s problem has gotten Mashiro in trouble with Azuki. Oh how the world and relationships work. I just do not get why Takagi even kept that book after telling Iwase that he preferred Miyoshi over her. Takagi should have just thrown the book away right after meeting her. To me that shows that he might have some feelings for her, but then again to could be as reminder of who one is rivals are. Still throwing out the book probably would have been a very good idea or at least it should have been kept somewhere that Miyoshi would have never found it.

The problem also gets worse because Mashiro was not able to explain properly to Azuki what was going on with Takagi even though in my opinion it had nothing to do with her. If Miyoshi was truly worried about that problem the confrontation would have sooner. But now Takagi has dug himself hole and now has to try and climb out it. But I do not think coming clean with solve all the problems because he should have told Miyoshi his plans from the beginning. That could have made this problem never happen in the first place. I always figured that Miyoshi and Takagi had a pretty tight bond, but I guess I was wrong.

Hey, at least Takagi and Mashiro were able to finish their manuscript to NEXT. But it seems that no one believes they should be doing any type of Gag manga. Everyone believes that they should be doing a story manga and probably a more dark one at that. Something along the lines of what they did in Money and Intelligence or TRAPDOOR. It seems that Nizuma has become very unmotivated because he believes that Mashiro and Takagi are moving in the wrong direction. Even Hattori believes they are moving in the wrong. I always get that feeling that Hattori wishes he were their Editor again.

I really want to know what the point of Hirumaru is in all of this? He just seems to readily manipulated by Yoshida so that way Yoshida can say that he was the editor of a popular series. I can’t even feel sorry for Hirumaru anymore. He just lend himself to any manipulation that Yoshida has. He is just that spineless character much like Nakai has become concerning Aoki. A lot time was spent in the first season and in this season building up Nakai’s devotion to Aoki and how much he loved and that all went away in less than a couple episodes.


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