Fairy Tail 112

Why is that most of the Female members of Fairy Tail are quite useless? Lucy is useless, Canna is useless, Juvia in most situations is useless, Levy is mostly useless, and Mira is useless in most cases as well. Why is this? Bluenote had it right when he said that Cana was worthless as a magic user. Then again that seems to apply to any guild member that is not a main character. I understand that you need characters that make the main characters look strong and that you also need characters that make them look weak. But come on, do you really need only one strong female character? Why can’t there be more?

Bluenote is a beast. I like the fact that he can manipulate gravity. But I also hate the fact that he has a singular focus on acquiring that Fairy Glitter Magic that Cana used. But hey at least Gildarts showed up at the last moment and saved Cana. Maybe Cana will tell him that she is his daughter after all this. But I stand by my opinion that she is a weak character because she was not able to tell him and that she made conditions on herself to him. She should have just told him. But instead she placed passing the S-class exam as condition on telling because then she would consider herself worthy. I could never agree with that opinion. If and When I have kids I will always love them no matter their achievements.


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