Winter 2012 Season Preview

This definitely has to be the best gifted that I received over the holidays. A new visual anime guide for the Winter 2012 season to inform of all anime coming down the pipe. Thank you animucharts. Yes, I know it happens three other times during the year, but the Winter season can usually be used to get a feeling for what will be coming in the other seasons as well. I am feeling good that this will be a good year for anime. Like I said this is the best gift because I am being treated to a Second Season for Amagami SS, another black rock shooter is coming out, and PA works is still rolling out the show with Another. This is definitely a gift worth receiving. Thank you anime industry of Japan. If I could I would send a gift to every animator in Japan to say my thanks. But I can give a gift to you my reader in the form of this Season preview and I hope they will appreciate it as well.


This is an original ONA being made by TOEI animation. As of the writing of this it has already been streamed. But I shall continue anyways because I like to be an asshole like that. Call me uninterested because of the fact that it is an ONA. I got burned on the last ONA I wanted to watch because they blocked from being streamed in the United States. I am talking about you Cat Shit One. The Director Matsumoto Rie also seems to have done no past directing. The only thing he did was an assistant director director on something relating to Heartcatch Precure! which I have never watched nor plan on dong so. I also can’t figure it out by the description on the guide so into the dustbin you go.

Bosou Chuugakusei Basket Army
No trailer here folks. This is another original net broadcast that is being made by asread and Studio RF. Anime News Network contains very little information on Studio and it seems that this is the first anime they are a lead studio on. asread on the other hand has had its hand in a lot of other anime, but only another studio working on the anime. They were never the lead studio. I predict that this will never catch on because of how long it will take to deliver the whole story. It is only going to be updated every two months. Who is going to wait two months for a three minute episode. That sounds boring and tedious to me. To the dustbin you go as well.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remaster

No need to really say anything about this. It is only a remaster of the original Gundam SEED series in HD. Keep moving along folks.

Natsume Yuujin-chou Shi

This is the fourth season of the Natsume Yuujin-chou series(I don’t even know what I am talking about here, but I must press on). It is about a boy names Natsume that is able to see ghosts. This ability gets him shunned by both the humans and the ghosts. He even sets ghosts free knowing that will most likely be antagonistic towards him. I think I will stop talking now. NEXT!

New Prince of Tennis

I was actually quite interested in the Original prince of tennis series, but never finished watching it. I consider this pretty weird because Tennis in real life bores the hell out of me. I have always been of the philosophy that if I want anything to do with a sport I will just go and play it instead of watching it on tv. It is pretty obvious where I am now. But I digress. This seems to be interesting because Ryoma has been invited to s special training camp for gifted Tennis players. He s only one of fifty students how have been chosen for this honor. I think I have been motivated to watch the rest of the original.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2

This is of those shows that I have no interest in because if I wanted to watch something involving detectives and mysteries I would watch Kami-sama no Memo-chou, Conan, or even Gosick. I just have no desire to watch cute girls using their little toys to solve crimes. I was wondering about that as well. Why would you even make toys that grant superhuman abilities in the first place? It seems like a waste of time because then you have undo the problem. This is following Kyousogiga and Busou Chuugakusei Basket Army into the dustbin for me.

Recorder to Randoseru
No Pv for this one. And off I go again talking like I know what I am talking about. This is being by a relative newcomer to Seven. The Director Kimura Hiroshi has had some previous experience being episode director for Fairy Tail and a couple other episodes. What this means is that he was a director for a single episode. The writer has really done much of nothing except write the 4-koma manga that this show is based off of. I personally have very little experience with the 4-koma format so I can’t say if it will translate into a show. But considering that the main characters are an elementary school kid that looks like an adult and I mean that he looks like adult because of how tall he is and his sister that is in high school that looks like an elementary schooler we have already hit the joke quotient and there is probably more to come. I am very interested one because I claim to have watched the Benjamin Button movie without ever really watching it. I am also interested in how they will use this concept and expand upon it.

High School DxD

Why is there a harem anime in almost every season? I think it rather pointless to make these because most of them have very little story and they appeal to shallow people. Oh wait that is why they are made. Most people tend to be very shallow. The people that watch these types of shows just want eye candy and entertainment. They don’t want to be challenged by thinking about what is going on in the show. Whoa I need to calm down a little bit. I am ranting about people I don’t even know. But really High School DxD is the problem with the anime industry. This is why we, the anime watcher got Tokyo’s censorship bill shoved down our throats.You know what I am done because I could rant about this all day, but I will save that for another post.

Area no Kishi

Another sports anime that won’t even be able to entertain me. What is it with people wanting to watch sports related anime? The only merit I see in watching Area on Kishi is that there is the potential for romance in it. Other than that I have no interest in Soccer and I really care to watch some guy try to motivate his self-hating brother into being a good soccer player. I also just see this becoming a train wreck because they are trying to deal with sports and a love story by my guess. Moving on.

Zero no Tsukima F

I will make no comments on this one because I have no interest in it nor I have watched the other Zero no Tsukima seasons. The only thing I can comment is that it is being made by J.C. Staff and I like Bakuman. Other than that I got nothing so I am moving on.

Poyo Poyo Kansatsu Nikki

I am actually very interested in this show. It will be interesting to see how it all pulled together to show everyday life from the perspective of a Cat and a fat cat at that. Poyo is the name of the cat and the show will involve him and the people in his life. If you haven’t already noticed I am a pretty big fan of Slice-of-life provided they are done right. I have never been into they just because of cute girls doing cute things motif. I have always been interested in the relaxed atmosphere they take and the formation of relationships that happen in them. I just really want to see how they use a cat to pull it off though. Hopefully DAX Production and Mebius Tone will make it work.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Fujoshi is show is for you. And here I thought that show from last was just a one shot and that it would not become very popular. Boy was I wrong. I guess there are more fujoshi than I previously thought. If only I could find one of these anime loving females I would be in heaven. But I guess that is pipe dream. But seriously why in the hell is another one these shows being made. Unless you like watching these for their relaxing atmosphere or for the relationships formed I really see no point in them. Then again most of the people who watch shows like this tend be shallow and don’t want to think very hard while watching them. They also like to fantasize about the characters in the show. All I know is that I won’t be watching of this.


Another P.A. Works show that I could possibly like. Ahh who am I kidding? I have liked all of P.A. Works shows that I have seen so far. I liked Angel Beats and Hanasaku Iroha. Obviously Hanasaku was the better of the two, but I digress. Another just has that appearance of a good show. Especially considering that one of main characters is either dead or something super natural. Let’s see if P.A. Works has the skill to make another good show.

Rinne no Lagrange

Why Xebec would you combine things that should not go together in my mind? Cute girls fighting aliens don’t mix well, at least in my pea sized brain. This almost as bad as messing with the fabric of space-time if that were possible. What more is there to explain? Just leave me alone now.

Black Rock Shooter

Yes, Black Rock Shooter finally got the TV series I was hoping that it would get. Now before you, the reader/commentator start busting my balls hear me out. I know that the original OVA did nothing and that is exact reason that I wanted a TV show out of it. This can be used as an opportunity to flesh out a lot more. The story probably has a lot to do with friendship because that is what the OVA dealt with. The OVA was left hanging with that weird gorilla looking thing that had her friends head on it. So yes to more Black Rock Shooter.

Amagami SS+

I can’t say this enough. I am very happy about a second season to Amagami SS because it seems like that it is still dealing with the same girls. I just hope that Juichi’s childhood friend has better luck in this one with getting him to notice her. You all know who I am talking about. I just love romance anime out the ass. But I do believe that it has ruined me a little bit. Oh well. I will wish the best of luck to Juichi.

Kill Me Baby

Assassins in High School fuck yeah. It gets even more funny when you realize that the assassin is a small looking girl that is very mean. It seems that she has penchant for just being spooked into using her assassin abilities and it ends up hurting people. Especially the girl that is trying the hardest to be her friend. Also this is being made by J.C. Staff so I expect quality stuff out of them. Now lets the jokes roll.

Mouretsu Pirates

Another first for me. A show where the main female character is the leader of a Pirate Crew. It gets even better when I consider that she is still a girl in high school. Then again it does not surprise me. The most famous Pirate anime has characters that here of high school age as the main characters hell a kid that looked like he has an elementary schooler joined the marines. But enough about that. I had also never heard of pirates doing the whole monarchy type rulership by passing it down a family line. Usually pirate crews were highly democratic and the leader was elected. Really the leader was only a leader when they were fighting a battle. Other than that everything was decided by vote. Lets see how this turns out. I know I really did not talk about the anime in question, but at least now you have some background on pirates.

Inu x Boku SS

Let’s see. Girl has complex about living on her own and being independent. So she moves out of her parents house. But they make the condition that she lives in a Mansion with the name “Ayakashi” and if you what that word means then you know where this is going. Initially she refuses the agent that her parents want to give her. She ends up rescuing a fox spirit and that fox spirit becomes her protector. So she ends up not being very independent at all. Oh well at least it seemed good.

Papa no Iu Koto Kikinasai!

This is definitely an anime after my own heart. It bring back fond memories of watching Aishiteruze Baby. Of Watching Kippei and the little girl he was taking care over form a relationship. Of watching a teenage boy who was a playboy have to switch over to being a parent basically. Of how that transition affected his relationships with other people and how he eventually became attached to one girl at school. Ahh the old days. But instead of one little girl to take of the main character has three and instead of being in high school he is in college. I really want to see how this one is pulled off.


An anime to go with all the other I should probably watch about the Sengoku Period in Japan. But this is one that I will actually watch because it airing during season I am paying attention to. Not much has to said about it because it is historical fiction. So unless you like history you may want to pick something else to watch.

Aquarion EVOL

My initial impression of Aquarion EVOL was pretty bad because of the way it was described on the Visual Guide from Animucharts. Maybe from now on I will do a little more research and find those PVs before I render judgement on a show. Probably not though. I don’t have enough time and I am just lazy anyway. You all should be lucky that I am even writing this preview even though it is already late. But after watching the PV for Aquarion EVOL I am actually quite enticed to watch it. It right up my alley for a show to watch. Just hopefully it does not bring in stuff from other parts of series or I will be lost.

Senhime Zesshou Symphogear

This another one where Animucharts description did me no good. But the PV did me no good either. Quite frankly it turned me off of the show even more. You got two cute girls that can sing(no surprise there). Right in the middle of concert these monsters appear and start menacing humankind. Apparently these girls can use their singing powers to battle the monsters(again no surprise hence the sympho in the name). But really I just feel bad for the monsters. I would menace too if I had this name: Designated Aberrant Disaster: Noise. Why would you give the monsters this name. Nobody is going to understand what that means.


Warning: I am not flame baiting in anyway. I have never seen Bakemonogatari so I have no idea who the main characters are in this show. This shows makes no sense to me because of the lack of that background. So I am moving on. Just watch the PVs and carry on reading this preview.

Ano Natsu de Matteru

Is is this a romantic comedy of some type? Oh I hope it is, but I guess I will have to watch and find out now won’t I. But hey at least this time I know the director or he is the writer? Why can’t I be assed enough to do proper research? But all you need to know is that Kuroda Yousuke did work on the Onegai Teacher/Twins Series. That was enough to motivate me to watch this. If this is anything like that then I will consider a very good show.


Before anything is said that is indeed a picture from the manga that the show is based off of. Now that is out of the way lets dissect how shallow this show really is going be. It is going to be shallow because it deals with an all girls school where a girl is trying to rule the school with her cute looks. I just can see that happening in an all girls school unless they all happen to be lesbians. The plot line just sounds like something for a co-ed school. You know like most anime have.

Smile Precure!
No PV and no Picture for this one. But my guess is that anyone who keeps with current anime knows of Smile Precure and its evil ways. Somebody needs to go tell the animators to stop making this crap because I everytime I see it I want to gouge me eyes out with spoon and that goes for any images as well. At least it does not happen to often so I can be happy about that. But with its time slot of being on at 8:30 in morning it can also be pretty much determined that this is targeting a pretty young audience. So no need to flip out anymore.

Thermae Romae

Why is someone making a show about bath houses? I don’t take how you try to make it interesting it is not going to be interesting. The only way it will be interesting if it has hot ladies in it. But no it deals with a roman bath house architect who is transported through time and then takes back Japanese bath house culture with him to ancient Rome. The stupidity comes from that fact that it had movie as well. That is when you know that movie culture has gone stale is when they are making movie about bath houses.


Why even tell the public about this one if you know that the only people watching have played the game. It gets even worse because it is only available on mobile phones. That most likely means that it will be very hard to fin the US. So I really don’t care about even if it is going to a romantic comedy.

Well that wraps up this Season Preview. As you can see there are quite a few shows that I am very excited and others that I think are complete garbage. I hope that you will be back in the spring for another Season Preview.


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