Bakuman 13

Oh shit! Takagi messed the hell up by accepting that book from Iwase. Then again he did not know that there was that note from her inside the book. Then again I believe he messed up more seriously by talking with Aoki for as long as he did. And on two days nonetheless. Then he is planning to go and lie about it. Takagi is just make mistake after mistake in this episode. There is also the fact that he did not tell Aoki about Miyoshi being his girlfriend and Aoki seemed like she was starting to develop feelings for him. I wonder oh Takagi will deal with this mess.

At least Takagi and Mashiro have decided what they want to do with their next manga. They have decided to try and make another one as one-shot instead of going ahead with TEN. They plan to have it ready for the Next issue of Jack’s NEXT issue. Next is where mostly new manga artists try out their stuff. But Miura gave them the idea to try their One-shot there. It seems that even experienced manga artists use NEXT try out new ideas.


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