Fairy Tail 111

A lot happened in this episode of Fairy Tail. Meledy was defeated by Juvia in the most unconventional manner. A non-violent win for the win. I still can’t believe that Meledy ws willing to kill herself in order to kill Gray. Like Juvia said Meledy has people that care about her, Ultear being one of those people. I am pretty certain that Ultear would be pretty sad if Meledy died. Good thing Juvia realized that Meledy needed to be reminded of this fact. A hug for the win and overflowing emotions. It would also seem that Meledy has learned that her magic can link emotions as well.

Natsu crew head out to base camp where the other injured Fairy Tail members are at, But on their way there they encounter Grimoire Heart’s member Bluenote. It would seem that Bluenote’s magic has something to do with gravity manipulation because as he is walking toward them they notice that the rain is in a torrential downpour around him. He then proceeds to put them into ground and then sinks the ground with them. But of course he only has one question that is “Where is the grave of Mavis, the Founder of Fairy Tail?” Now does he seriously think that any of them will answer after he has them face planted into the ground?

Gray finally has a face to face meeting with Ultear and of course she is trying to be the manipulative bitch that she always is. She is trying to convince Gray that what she is doing is the wish of her mother Ul who was Gray’s teacher. Even Gray seems quite shocked by this rather grandiose statement made by Ultear. I hate Ultear with a passion because she has tried several ways and manipulated several people in her quest to revive Zeref. I can’t even say that I find good looking by appearance. Her attitude just makes her look ugly.

It seems that Erza is going to be involved in a fight with Azuma here pretty soon. That is going to be a pretty interesting fight to say the least. Two pretty strong people will duke it out. I wonder who will win? I wonder if Erza would be able to take on Bluenote?


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