Beelzebub 48

Another amusing episode. Oga’s fight with Hecadoth, Graphel, and Naga was just funny because he sat down right in the middle of and started making a bottle of formula. At first I thought that he was making it for Beel, but then he drank it. It was funny because Baby Beel was cheering him on the whole time. It reminded me of the drinking contests that me and my friends use to have all the time. Chug, Oga, Chug. It is going to save your life. I still can’t that he had to use that power against a pillar master. I was figuring that it would be used against Behemoth. But I guess Oga is going to need a lot more training before that is possible.

It would seem that Kunieda accepted help from that demon that was living in that shrine. All of her attack names have been amended to include the word ‘demon’ in them. But at least she got string as Oga did. It just means that Oga has one more person on his team to fight the demons that will be coming after him since he declared that he was Baby Beel’s parent and that he will not be destroying humanity.


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