Phi Brain 10-12

Let’s start off with what happened in Episode 10. The episode starts off with Einstein giving glowing praise to Himekawa Elena for the puzzles that she makes. She is also the host of a show called Puzzle Kingdom. Let’s fast forward a little bit. Galileo is at an arcade and he is playing games with a girl named Antoinette, but it happens to be Elena. Galileo is very and sees suits entering. They are all gathering behind Elena and Galileo not knowing who she is feels compelled to help her. He takes her and runs out of the arcade. The bitch is apparently offended by this action and questions him on his rather nice action.

Another fast forward. Elena is given orders to challenge Galileo to a puzzle by the POG. No surprise there. If you are not on Einstein’s team you are either POG or that supposed Puzzle King. Well Einstein and Nonoha end up going with him and Einstein wants to solve the puzzle. The puzzle itself was designed by Elena to force the solver to be selfish. Two of solver’s Sit in chairs on the actual puzzle board. They are acting as dummies to make the puzzle harder. They serve the second function of trying to make the solver sacrifice someone in order to solve the puzzle. Of course Einstein solves the without doing so. But of course the president of the far east branch and to make it so elena could not prevent the inevitable. If Einstein had failed then they all would have died. Elena starts to realize that there are more important things than just a person themselves.

All I have to say is that the President of the Far East Branch is a huge dick to interfere like that. He went without telling Elena and changed how the puzzle controls worked. That is the ultimate dick move. My next question is how do these people get away with creating dangerous stuff like this? I would think that building standards would prevent stuff like this. And I still wonder where the POG gets funding from.

Now to episode 11. Elena still pays a big role in this episode because the President of the Far East branch has given her control of another puzzle. This everyone on Einsteins side gets involved in the puzzle because Elena made it so. This includes Anna, Einstein, Galileo, Edison, and Nonoha. They are all wearing suits that could explode if the puzzle is not solved. This puzzle involves a model town set and blue colored buildings have to be moved and fit into a certain shape. So like a classical puzzle until certain stipulations are set on how the buildings can be set up.

Of course the President of the Far East Branch has to intervene and has flying grenades all over the puzzle area. This makes so that he team has to focus on destroying the grenades and wasting time. They ended up wasting a lot of the time they were given and Einstein has to hurry up and get the buildings in place. Of course he solves the puzzle and Elena gets her treasure back which is her puzzle book from her childhood.

The original bad makes his return, but with an upgrade. He is under the authority of the Director of the Far East Branch. His name is Luke or Rook(depending on sub group) and he use to hang out with Einstein when he was a kid. The President is escorted out and Rook takes over.

Last but not least is the current episode, #12. Rook shows up at Einstein’s school and says that he is taking him back to England to attend Crossfield academy. Einstein does not know that Rook has been working for the POG since the beginning. Rook is pretty high up. Rook and Einstein show up at Crossfield and the place seems devoid of activity and seems like it hasn’t been used in years. This should have been the first thing to tip off Einstein that something was not right. But he is having to much fun remembering his childhood and how he met Rook to realize.

They eventually show up at the bottom of what looks like an old church and there is a maze there. Einstein is remembering when he first showed it to Rook. This is also when they meet the man that teaches them the importance of puzzles. But something has been added since then and it is a puzzle. Rook locks Einstein into the puzzle room. Saw blades drop from the ceiling and start running amok in the room. The puzzle is called the Fool’s Tower and it was banned. It is only designed to weed out everyone who challenges it. It sounds like it is unsolvable.

Now I know why I hate Rook. He never was truly Einstein’s friend, but was more interested in Einstein’s puzzle solving abilities. He probably has been working for the POG since before he met Einstein. He has led Einstein on to get him to solve more complex puzzles and eventually reach the Puzzle of God.


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