Bakuman S2: Episodes 10-12

Yes, I know this way out of style for me. But for the past couple of weeks I had to contend with finals for college classes and let me tell you those take up a lot of time. But enough about that.

In episode 10 a fight breaks out between Miura the editor and our Manga team of Mashiro and Takagi. It would seem that Miura wanted them to do more of a joke style manga while they wanted to a more serious one. What ended happening was that Miura had them do two story boards. One was a serious manga and was was a joke manga. The joke manga took the form of Hitman 10 or just TEN and the serious one was one where someone met a double of himself. But that was not all. Miura was so intent on them doing a joke manga that Mashiro and Takagi went over his head and made a third manga called Future Watch. They submitted Future Watch to the monthly contest just to be judged.

In episode 11 the outcome of monthly contest is revealed and it would seem that it did the best. But of course it was because they had experience. Also Nizuma was judging and it seems that he was very partial to Mashiro and Takagi. Ten got submitted for serialization, but it would seem that serialization committee was split on which one to serialize so the Chief Editor made a very unprecedented decision. He had them published as one-shots in regular issues of Jack alongside new serializations like Takahama’s Business Boy Kennichi. Ten went against Kennichi and Future watch against Space Yellow Gate. Future Watch ended up with the higher ranking.

In episode 12 just when I thought that the fight was over it came back. Miura was very persistent on Mashiro and Takagi doing a joke manga that he suggested that the two of split up because he believed Takagi could do a joke manga. That was after going to all the trouble of gathering data to prove that joke manga do better overall and last longer in Jack. He should have never told them to split up. But at least he made up by apologizing to them.

Somewhere in all of this Nakai tells Aoki that he loves her, but that seems to have gone right out the window when he met Kato. Nakai now has a new girl to slobber all over. Aoki could potentially be getting a new serialization in Jack, but it would be more suited to her Shoujo style. But it would seem that the editor wants her to write a love story from the point of view of the man. He also wants a lot of pant shots. Fanservice ahoy.

This has been nagging at me the whole time. But it would seem that the editors have more power than the authors and drawers on what goes into the manga. I believe that the authors should have more control because obviously if the author does not like what he is doing it will eventually turn out shitty. It would seem that the editing staff is more concerned with making sure that manga is as popular as possible or at least will be long lived. They really don’t care if the author likes what he is doing.


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