Beelzebub 47

What is up with En? He cannot accept losing in a game. He is like “I lost game lets play another and I am going to keep doing this until I win.” But at least Furuichi realized that Lamia knew a lot about En and used that to his advantage. It just goes to show that En is still a littel kid and will believe anything he is told. It is always funny how En stops messaging when it is Furuichi who is messaging.

It would seem that everyone thinks that Furuichi likes lolis now. His sister saw him in what would be considered an inappropriate position with Lamia. Then Aoi’s girl saw him hanging around with her. But it would seem that Lamia a little bit Tsundere because in one of previous episodes she was clearly having fun and then had to tell Furuichi that she wasn’t.

Hilda is back in action and it seems that she is on the war path. It is understandable because Yolda and them attacked her and Beel first. But Hilda took out that one guy pretty good. He never stood a chance and apparently never did Yolda.

Alandion as a club is pretty funny as well. I just wonder why Oga is choosing to use him as a club though. I am pretty certain that is not what Saotome trained him to do. I now wonder what all the training taught Oga though.


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