Beelzebub 46

This had to be the funniest episode of Beelzebub in a long time. To witness Himekawa buying out a game just so that he does not lose is just hilarious. And then making the winning strategy a combining robot is just funny. That does beg the question of how much money that Himekawa has access to on a daily basis. I bet that the Occupy Wall Street people would like to protest out in front of his place or where ever his dad works at. But why couldn’t he just paid someone a lot less money to hack the game for him? Why buyout the entire game just to win one match?

Zen’s style of training is a little twisted if you ask me. He wanted Oga to fight himself in order to become stronger. But that is an awesome radio to be able to make a copy of someone that is stronger than them. Flipping over to side B now. At first is was all funny games and then there at the end you see want the real potential of Baby Beel is if he had the proper training.


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