Fairy Tail 110

Move over Lucy because my new favorite character is Juvia. Yes, yes, I know that she is a little crazy, but that is because she loves Gray so much. I just wish that Gray would stop being so oblivious to Juvia’s love. Juvia if you need someone to love come and love me. No I am only kidding. I haven’t lost my sense of reality yet and I still love 3D women more than their 2D counterparts. But Juvia has special place in my heart.

Melody has some serious problems when it comes to Gray. I can understand that she has the same devotion to Ultear that Juvia has to Gray. But neither of them really have any reason to be involved in the dispute that involves Gray and Ultear. Whatever that may be. Melody is so hell bent on killing Gray that she is willing to kill herself using that Sensory link to do so. But of course no one is going to die because this is a Shounen Anime.


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