Fairy Tail 109

Even though Lucy is by far my most favorite character, she is also the most useless character in the whole and she just got a whole lot more useless. In her fight Kain Hikaru of the 7 Kin of Purgatory she became very useless and it infected her Spirits as well. I just can not believe that Kain Hikaru is that strong. Especially considering that they are all Zodiac Spirits. One would think that they should be pretty powerful. But no they were all useless against Kain Hikaru. Lucy was only able to become useful when her hair was put on Mr. Cursey and Natsu got a hold of the doll. He beat the hell out of Kain Hikaru using Lucy.

Talking about Kain Hikaru. What the hell was his problem? He seems like he was made to somewhat fit the mold of an Otaku. He was getting all mad when he thought that Natsu and Lucy were a couple. I think that he has some serious problems, But I guess that comes with being part of Grimoire Heart. They all have problems. Ultear is a conniving little bitch, Meledy rides on Ultear’s every word, Kain Hikaru has emotional problems, that Rusty Rose guy could not stop talking about doom, and Zancrow thought he was a god. See they all have problems.


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