Fairy Tail 108

So Natsu finally found Ultear and recognized her from Galuna Island. It always amazes me how Natsu and the other dragon slayers remember people by their smell(magical signature more like it). Natsu’s is very keen though. Especially to remember for that long of a period and not to have a face to associate with it. I just like how he accused Ultear of being a cross-dressing man. Natsu is not very smart in that respect. He should have realized that the Man Galuna Island was just the disguise that Ultear chose for that event.

Meledy magic if pretty sweet. Then again as the 7 kin of purgatory keep saying their magics come from the abyss of magic itself. It would seem that Meledy has a magic that attacks the senses directly. She was able to hurt Juvia who can change her body into water. On a side note Juvia is awesome for just being able to think only of Gray while her own life could be in danger. Meledy has all the intent of killing her, but Juvia just thinks of being with Gray.

The plan that Capricorn and Loke worked out was pretty awesome. They were able to flush out the guy that had taken control of Capricorn’s body. I surprised to learn that Loke could transfer his magic like that to another spirit. That seems like a pretty useful ability. And now Capricorn resorts to being a spirit of Lucy’s. Lucy was pretty happy about that as well.

Cana is a bitch right now. She gets Lucy to tell her how she figured out the where Mavis’ grave and then puts her to sleep even though she knows there are other enemies on the island. Cana is definitely not someone I would want protecting my back. I mean look at Lucy she gets found by one of the 7 Kin of Purgatory sleeping. Cana couldn’t have been gone that long. She should have seen that old fat guy walking up. Oh well that is it for this post.


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