Beelzebub 45

I am very confused about what happened in this episode. But it would seem that Saotome found Oga at Mapputatsu where he was training with the Kunieda’s grandpa. I could also believe that the Old man told Saotome that Oga was with him. I still can’t believe that Oga mastered that move of Kunieda’s grandpa that fast. He has some potential to do great things if he would apply himself in other areas as well.

I can’t believe that the majority of this episode was taken up by Furuichi and the others playing video games. It just seems like a waste of an episode. It became even more of a waste when En’s demon maid servant started to play that fighting game for him. Why oh why was that needed at all? Another question is why did they have to throw drama into they playing a video game? Especially when Nene’s avatar took the shot? It is not like she died in real life to them. It is just a game.


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