Phi Brain 09

Well my suspicions were confirmed about the Headmaster of Root Academy. I kind of figured from the beginning that he was working for The P.O.G. The reasoning for that if he wasn’t he probably wouldn’t have known about the Kenja puzzles are the puzzle of god. But what really surprised me was the fact that he was head of a special section called phi that is suppose to lead people like Einstein to the Puzzle of God. Even though Jikukawa was working with the Headmaster I never once thought that he was apart of the P.O.G. But I kind of figured that he was Minotaur if that makes any sense.

The President of the Far East Branch of the P.O.G. is a huge asshole. He designs his puzzle to be unsolvable so that way he can kill off Einstein. That is no way to try and get rid of him. He shouldn’t even be trying to get rid of Einstein. He should be doing what Jikukawa and the Headmaster are doing and guiding him to the ultimate goal. Any puzzle can be solved with time, but like Einstein said all the necessary information must be present.

It was funny to see Einstein running around looking like a girl. It was even funnier when Galileo decided that he going to join the Miss Root Academy contest. You could tell right away that he was only doing it because Nonoha had entered Einstein into it. Galileo is hopelessly in love with person that will never return his feelings. It became even funnier when Anna won it at the end. She was not even in the contest and she still won it. Anna is best looking person for that type of contest. But her face at the end was priceless. She didn’t even look surprised only aloof.


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