Bakuman S2 09

I kind of feel sorry for Mashiro and Takagi. They worked so hard to make TRAP a very good manga, but the hiatus put them in a very bad spot. They just could not recover from that. I would have figured that their fans would have been waiting for them to return. Then again a new mystery manga called CHEATER had begun serialization and they are competing for the same audience.

But this was the part that confused me. If they are after the same audience why wouldn’t people just vote for both of them. A lot of the surveys I have done concerning stuff I like you usually can pick more than one. Most times a scale is given for what you are choosing and more than one can be ranked very high. I have to admit that I read a little of Shounen Jump and I read everything in it. Then again I am not a choosy person. But I would assume that each manga is given it only like a 1-5 with 1 being very bad and 5 being very good.

CROW got an anime. That is Nizuma Eiji working very hard. He has turned crow into something that a lot of people love to read. I can also understand why he refused to help Mashiro and Takagi. They are both working for the same thing and Nizuma is only getting rid of competition. He also realized that TRAP had lost popularity on it own. Not much you can do about that.

Hiramaru is an idiot. Why would you go and buy a car and a new place to live when you are still in your first year of serialization. Now he can never leave drawing manga. Yoshida is very manipulative bastard in this case. He has basically made to where Hiramaru is doomed if he ever quit.


One thought on “Bakuman S2 09

  1. When Kosugi mentions that Nanamine’s backgrounds are relatively low quality to Ashirogi Muto, Nanamine reveals that he has hired Nakai as his Chief Assistant. Nanamine frequently lends pizza money to the obese man and reveals to Nakai that he was working with others to come up with ideas for manga. Most notable, however, is that Nanamine expressed fury that he was second to Aoki Ko’s What God Gave Me, and stated that his manga was too high a caliber for the readers to understand, refusing to listen to Kosugi’s opinion in the matter.

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