Fairy Tail 107

Rustyrose has an interesting type of magic. I like how he phrased as the magic of imagination. But if you think about it he is quite right in that respect. He has almost free range to create anything that his mind can think of. That would make it one of the most strongest magics ever. But its name as “Ark of Embodiment” does not really lead it be associated with the use of imagination. Whenever I think of embodiment i think of someone embodying the spirit of someone else or of an idea. Or of an item as the embodiment of a perfect form. Maybe this just leads to me learning more about my own language.

Of course Ultear was at Galuna Island. There would have been no reason for Lyon to do what he did unless someone told him to do it. At least I think that is who was being referred to at the end. I can’t imagine Zeref being present in Galuna Island. It would have made no sense. Ultear is a very manipulative bitch. She is probably even manipulating Master Hades or my Preference of Purehito. But what do you do with stupid people?

I hope Mest makes the right decision and does not report to Headquarters on what is happening at Tenroujima. Then again this being a Shounen anime it almost lends itself to the fact that it can’t happen. All the good guys are on Tenroujima. So Mest has to make that decision to not report. It is like Lucy telling Loke to come back to her. Of course he is going to come back. He is a good guy and good guys don’t die in Shounen. If you haven’t watched watched enough Shounen to realize this then you might want to take up another hobby.


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