Beelzebub 44

The realization that you are lacking in something is the first step to getting better at what you are lacking. The second step is knowing what you want to accomplish after this realization. And of course the third step is knowing how you will accomplish this. But of course none of this applies to Oga. Oga just does things and hopes for the best. But hey he proved that a days worth training can make it possible for him to split a giant boulder. Then again he has a lot of motivation.

While Oga is training at Mapputatsu, Furuichi and the others are still looking for Lord En to prevent the coming war. But they keep getting other people confused with Lord En. This then leads to Himekawa and Kanzaki beating these people for no reason. People getting punished just because they have green hair. Mk5 was particularly spectacular. They all lost in one hit. How in the hell does that happen? It just proves one of two things. Either that they are extremely weak or that the more main supporting are ridiculously strong. I am leaning towards the latter option myself.

I liked Baby Beel’s little dinner dance. I wish I could do something like that, but I think I would just look weird doing something like that. He is just awesome like that. He and Kouta were also competing. I think that Baby Beel won though by  using the rock Oga split. It was cute to see Kouta bow to Baby Beel. Baby Beel is getting good training in being a demon lord.


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