Phi Brain 08

So the Puzzle was not Kenja Puzzle at all. I feel sorry for Einstein because he had to spend his time with “Genius” kun. I guess the Genius is not a real Genius at all. He should been able to keep up with Einstein on those puzzles and as Kaito said you should not be bragging about being in 8th in any contest. But I am happy that Einstein was not put in mortal danger this episode.

Da Vinci always creeps me out a little. I want to know why he dresses and talks like a girl. What the did his parent do or not do to make him this way? But at least Da Vinci goes to a school that does not really care about stuff like that. I know in most schools in America a person like that probably would have contemplated suicide several times. Kids in American High Schools are not very nice to things they do not understand.

That was a very Happy ending. The manager regained a very cherished memory from his childhood. I got that warm and fuzzy inside. It made my day feel like it went pretty good.


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