Bakuman S2 08

The whole time that Mashiro was in the hospital he was cranking out manuscripts like he was a factory. But I am not concerned with that. I am still very much in agreement with the editor-in-chief’s original decision to suspend the serialization until they graduated. Mashiro hs already had one accident and what insurance is there against another, even more serious one from happening. Mashiro is going to end up overworking himself again. But at least he has 11 manuscripts done ahead of schedule and he should not be in such a mad dash to get them done.

Everyone is supporting Mashiro in his stupidity. Some people would call it loyalty, but I call it for what it is and that is stupidity. The Sasaki should have stayed by his original decision because it probably would have been in Mashiro and Takagi’s best interest to do do. Once they are out of school they would be able to keep up the serialization a lot better because they would actually have time during the day to get work done. But hey what do I know.


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