Fairy Tail 106

I thought that Zeref was suppose to be this awesome legendary wizard that once had the world be its balls. It be beaten by Ul is just terrible. Then again he kind of beat himself because he can’t control his own magic. But I have to give it to him. He has some pretty sweet magic. It is just a ball of magical energy that he can thrown around as he pleases. Who wouldn’t want that?

I just liked how Zeref expressed his anger in words and Ul felt it. She could feel his anger probably because of the magical pressure that he was exerting. Then again I would be afraid of himself. But Ul really shouldn’t place all her money on one horse to get what she wants. It could prove very disastrous for her.

That battle that Mira was having with that weird guy was interesting. He kind of sounded like he was getting sexual pleasure for the fight. It wouldn’t surprise me though. He is creepy though. His plan to trap Lisanna and make Mira fight seriously did not really work. I would have figured for someone who looks like he can make a strategy, he should have thought this one out better. Of course Mira would have a split focus. She is more worried about her sister.

Oh and a word to Mira. Nobody ever dies in the modern Shounen anime. So telling Lisanna that you wouldn’t let her die again was pointless. It is even more pointless considering the fact that Lisanna never actually died. Not even the bad guys die in a Shounen anime. It kind of pisses me off sometimes. If people threatened my way of life or the people I cared about someone is going to be dead. That is all I have to say.

Natsu made a rather rousing speech except no one but the master was around to hear it. Morale fail. It also does not help that you make speech while you are very tried and fall down.


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