Beelzebub 43

It is either all the people at Ishiyama are idiots or Furuichi is a genius. I am banking on the former because Furuichi has never had the appearance of a genius to me. He is just an extremely creepy womanizer. But He did convince Kanzaki and Himekawa to fight the demons by way of clever word play and convincing them that there was a School called Akumano Academy. I can’t believe that they feel for Furuichi’s bs just like that. I mean hello just go find yourselves a computer and look it up. I would take guess that there is a list of schools in Japan somewhere on the internet.

That dream that Oga was having in the beginning was very weird I would have assumed that he was doing lsd or acid. Who in the hell dreams of being a defendant at a trial. Most people try to avoid that. Then again he has been feeling immense strain because he failed to protect Hilde and Kunieda. It kinda of sucks. But it does provide motivation to our main character here. Then again he already had that motivation.

I believe that the training has already started because Oga and crew were climbing on the side of a valley wall. The extremes that Shounen anime will go to. But what would we do without it?


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