Phi Brain: 07

This episode’s focus was Nonoha. It started with her and ended with her. But I really don’t agree with the representation that animators gave to her. This being the only episode that showed Nonoha doing anything nice makes it very hard to buy into her as a philanthropic figure. Especially considering that at the end of the show she is screaming about not wanting to be given a title even though the title has nothing to do with what Einstein, Galileo, Edison, or even Da Vinci stand for. Nonoha maybe good at sports and have a good memory, but she can’t even solve a simple puzzle. Nothing has also be given to show that she might even be a genius.

It would seem that Japanese P.O.G had a shake up and a new person came in to make the Kenja Puzzles more challenging or should I say dangerous. I know that this will come up. Why is Herbert the name of a guy that looks like he could have anything that he wanted? The answer: I don’t know. All I can say is that I get a very creepy feeling from him. Then again he is of the P.O.G. and they are crazy.

I like how Madoka and Nonoha talk as if Madoka’s lover had been out of the P.O.G. for a long time. I’m guessing that Madoka was never given th memo on change of management at the P.O.G. In the year that Madoka’s lover was dead the P.O.G. went through a drastic change. I wish the same could be said of American Politics.

Here is a funny tidbit. I was looking through’s forum discussion of this episode and the first thread in the post called the P.O.G the GOP. I wanted to make a post that said that they are not republicans but I believe it would have fallen on blind eyes. But I guess an analog could be made between the two if one were to try.


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