Bakuman S2: 07

I can’t believe that everyone is going to support the stupidity that is Mashiro’s actions. If I was Chief Editor Sasaki’s position I would have made the same decision. First off I would have never made the decision to allow high schoolers be serialized. I would have valued their education a lot more than the money they can bring to my company. Another reason is because I do agree with Sasaki that some one does not need to die. If Mashiro’s assistant had not walked in he could have died.

There is also the fact that Mashiro is being hospitalized. The condition must be serious enough for him to be hospitalized. I am pretty happy that Sasaki did not go along with the stupidity and that Azuki is starting to realize that Mashiro’s health is of major concern. Mashiro has a gem in her because she has already pledged undying loyalty to him. She loves him so much that she was willing to become that an enabler of his stupid actions.

I just wish that the rest of the authors would get the point. Just because Mashiro maybe released from the hospital does not mean that he should continuing doing what he was doing before. He seriously needs to reconsider how important his health is for him. He needs consider other people’s feelings as well. His mom does not want to see him die.

I still have not decided how the editorial department is reacting to Fukuda’s proposed boycott of Sasaki’s decision. They all plan to go on hiatus if the decision is not taken back. I have a feeling that Miura, Hattori, and even Yuujiro agree with Fukuda and the others. I definitely don’t believe that it is the sole responsibility of the editors to get the authors to draw. It is also their job to hear out and complaints that an author may have even if it concerns how the magazine is run or Sasaki’s decision.


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