Fairy Tail 105

Zancrow and his God Slayer magic just got owned by Natsu. It was awesome how Natsu was able to figure out how to Eat Zancrow’s flames. It just shows that Natsu is always going to get stronger. Even though it probably was not Natsu’s plan to empty his magic reserves in order to eat the flames. He probably was just trying to expel Zancrow’s flames. At least that is what I thought he was doing because in a real battle being that fool hardy probably would spell instant death.  What Natsu did is akin to walking in the middle of cross-fire without any type of armor on. If Natsu would still not have been able to eat those flames he would have died.

Since this was the major battle there really nothing else to say because Caprico has not really explained what his type of magic is yet. And the fight between Mira and that other guy is just barely starting.


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