Phi Brain 06

That was a very quick bounce back for our Hero Einstein. It was all done in one episode. I can understand that their is time constraints on the show, but I would have at least drug it out another half an episode. But it did give some useful information on Einstein. His motivation for doing puzzles is because of his parents. It is his way of remembering his parents. It was also learned that the armband of Orpheus makes his brain dedicate itself 100% it solving puzzles and that it even includes the sections that regulate emotions. That explains why he seems like such a dick when the armband activates.

Galileo is a dick though. He saw what happened to Einstein but proceeded to rub it into Einsteins face that he could not do puzzles anymore. But I have to agree with Galileo that Einstein was being very cocky. Then again in Einsteins eyes he has earned the right to be cocky because he is the one that has solved all the Kenja puzzles so far. I still get a feeling though that this show would be a bit better if they had more time for it.


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