Beelzebub 41

Crazy shit is going down. Hecados was able to block Oga’s Zebul blast not just, but twice. Then Naga and Graphel show up at where Tojo and Izuma are fighting. They felt what little demon energy Izuma had. It would seem that he is a demon born in the human world that has mixed with too much human blood. He is rather weak in demonic terms. What surprised me the most was Tojo tenacity to keep fighting. He just blacked out and kept on fighting. Tojo would make a great solider if Japan ever needed them again.

Lord en is to never be taken seriously and I still wonder why his father gave him command of a army a regiment. Even for a demon that seems quite pointless. He is still kid and acts very much like it. He is very interested in video games and he gets very easily upset when then people who are suppose to pay attention him are not doing so.

There seems to be a theme this week. Even Oga is naturally a dumb person he became even more dumb. If the zebul blast did not work the first time, what in your mind convinced you it would work the second time? If anything it would have had less power the second time because of the fighting he was doing and the energy being expended. But whatever Saotome came in and saved the day. It would seem that he is a demon contractor, but he is the controller in his case. They called him a spell master. Now where in hell’s name is his demon?


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