Bakuman S2: Episode 06

Have all the characters gone stupid or what? They are all being an enabling force to Mashiro. For god’s sake he collapsed while drawing Manga because he was getting malnourished. Both Takagi and Azuki are being very stupid when it comes to Mashiro’s condition. I’m sorry if a friend of mine was in that bad of shape that they were talking about surgery and a three month hospitalization period I would tell him to stop what he is doing. It really is not worth it to die before accomplishing your dream Mashiro. You can’t become and great Manga artist and marry Azuki if you die.

On another note Miura should be the responsible adult here but instead he is acting much like a Takagi and being very stupid. You aren’t going to get much money out of dead person let alone it will very damaging to your company if one of artists die while doing is his. I know that there is difference in cultures here, but if your hospitalized then you should probably listen to the damn doctor and get some rest. Clearly no one has a clear head right now and it is pissing me off. This is not a case of being heroic or romantic. This is a strong case of being very stupid.


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