Fairy Tail 104

So Master Hades as I have already said before is actually former Master Purehito of Fairy Tail. It would seem that in the 40 years since he left Fairy Tail he has learned a lot about magic. But for some reason I have feeling that those magic that are called lost are called that for a reason. They are probably lost because they caused a lot of destruction and what not. Master Hades whips his magic about like it was a plaything and he even mentions something to that affect. But Master Hades must be very old if he left Makarov in charge 40 years ago. I remember something being said about Makarov’s age at the time he left about I can’t remember what it was. IF Makarov looks like an old man then Master Hades must be very old. But it is very odd that it is not reflected in the way he looks.

All of the Seven Kin of Purgatory have been encountered now except for Ul and Hikaru. But I just want to talk about Zancrow for a minute. He just seems like a nutcase and I know if he were in our world he probably would been found guilty for some crime and be in jail. But here he just … well he still is a nut job but he is nut job that has magical powers and is not afraid to use them. He calls himself a godslayer. This means that in Fairy Tail’s world there should be more than one god. Zancrow apparently is the Fire Godslayer. I wonder how Natsu will counter this?


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