Phi Brain 05

This is the first through out the whole show that I have heard the phrase Phi Brain used. Usually in a show like this it would be passed around like a dirty whore. Sorry to any dirty whores that may offend. I still have not really grasped the intent or purpose of the POG yet. What will getting to the “Puzzle of God” do? Does it hold some type of secret to end war and make peace ever lasting? My bet is no because of how the POG act. They seem like a real shady organization. But at least as of now they have not tried to pull out that mankind destroying puzzle.

I would have never guessed that the Headmaster was Kaito’s Surrogate father. Then again I can see why he did it. He wanted to use Kaito sometime in the future and guess what he is getting his wish. But it is sad how Kaito’s real parents died in that puzzle and Kaito had to witness the whole thing.  And then he had to relive it because of the POG. Way to fuck a guy up POG. But really I would like to know where and how the POG gets funding because that Japanese research center looks awesome and very expensive.


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