Bakuman S2: Episode 5

It would seem that Saiko is being dumb in trying to aim for his dream. He is not considering that if he dies he would never accomplish his dream of getting an anime adaptation, never get married to Azuki, and never get to go to the beach with her. I never got people who overwork themselves so much that they hospitalize themselves because of it. I can understand that Saiko wants to get to the end as fast as possible, but don’t destroy yourself doing it. I am almost certain that is what Takagi wanted to say to him at some point during the episode.

It is very funny to see Hiromaru being manipulated by his editor. Yoshida does not like seem like the type of person I would want to be working for. He is just pushing Hiromaru to draw even though he does not want to. If I believed in hell Yoshida would definitely be going there. I bet that Yoshida’s drive to have a popular manga on his hands is what makes him manipulate Hiromaru.

I swear that these people are placing to much stock in the rankings. Those rankings come from the people who decided to send them in. They might nit represent the full base of people that read or even like the manga they are writing. I would this is not something that all Japanese do.


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