Beelzebub 40

It seems that Himekawa and Kanzaki got to meet Lord En. He was at an arcade owned by Himekawa’s family. Of course whenever Himekawa and Kanzaki are the same room they have to try and fight each other. At least En prevented this when he asked what an online game was. It would seem that Kanzaki and Himekawa gave a pretty long explanation of what an online game is. The subtitles for the version I watched sad something about dialog boxes and virtual machines. The last time I played an online game I did not need a virtual machine to do this. Unless of course my understanding of online games is that in adequate. Now I have just made myself sad.

Hilde is starting to grow fond of the human world. I think that she starting to become apart of it. Her mood and her tone were very soft when she told Oga that she was learning to make croquettes. Then there was her smiling at Oga’s mom and saying something nice that I can’t remember right now. She then tells Oga that the human world is an alright place.

Kunieda is a very diligent student. She is trying to learn everything that she can about demons. I ma highly doubting that those books in her school library will be of any help though. She would be better off asking Hilde about demons and she sort of does. She only asks superficial questions though.

On the other side of town Tojo is fighting Izuma and getting is butt kicked. Of course Tojo does not know when to quit and eggs Izuma. Izuma goes along with and starts showing that he has some type of non-human power. Whether it demonic power or not will probably be revealed in a later episode.

Then Kunieda is kidnapped by demon. This demon goes by the Hecados and he is 8th pillar in Behemoth’s 34 pillar squad. Hecados was only using Kunieda in order to get at Hilde. Hilde falls for the bait and gets stabbed right through stomach. I wonder how that will affect a demon.


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