Bakuman S2: Episode 4

Most of this episode was devoted to the decision that Saiko and Shuujin had to make concerning the direction in which they should take their Manga Mystery TRAP. The decision that Shuujin was going to make to change the storyboard for chapter seven was based upon the results of the survey that readers fill out. They placed ninth with their chapter two. The decision was also partially based upon another manga having its serialization cancelled.

But eventually both Saiko and Miura were able to convince Shuujin not to change the storyboard for chapter. Miura saw it destroying the manga if Shuujin changed the storyboard. Shuujin wanted to introduce battles into the manga. It would also seem that Nizuma played a part in making up Saiko’s mind. Saiko took what Nizuma said to heart.

It was interesting to see Hattori still being worried for Saiko and Shuujin. Every time ha made an even slight appearance he was worried about how they were doing. This is guy that has a lot on his plate and he is still taking time to worry about these two. Then again he witnessed the passion they had for drawing manga and spent a lot of time with them honing their skills. He saw them place Second in “The Golden Apple” competition(correct me if I am wrong on either of these).


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