Beelzebub 39

For most of this episode our hero(or is he the villian?) is followed around an amusement park. It would seem that Azusa tried to setup Kunieda and Oga on a date. Of course Alanedon was recruited to help in this. But of course he took it the wrong way and it ended up being a triple date with Him and Furuichi along with Oga, Kunieda, Azusa, and Kazu. Other than that it was learned that Lord En is pretty much a pussy even though he is command of a pretty strong army squad.

It is all making sense now. I am almost pretty positive that this Behemoth guy is in control of Lord En. It would seem that he is a pretty powerful guy in the demon world. He leads what is called the 34 Pillar Squad. Usually when someone leads something that has a name like that they are potrayed as being some type of badass.


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