Fairy Tail 102

Did anyone notice that Natsu switched shirts between last episode and this one? In the previous episode he was wearing a black vest and in this episode he was wearing a gray one. Maybe he does wore about clashing colors and stuff like that. But of course this really has no effect on the story. It could be that someone accidentally changed the colors and someone forgot to fix it? But enough about that. It has been learned by Grimoire Heart is attacking Tenroujima Island.

Grimoire heart is attacking Tenroujima Island in pursuit of the legendary Mage Zeref. Apparently Zeref never died. But this was learned in the last episode. Zeref was that guy that turned Natsu’s scarf black and made him flip out about how unfashionable it was. It would seem that Grimoire Heart’s true intention is to use Zeref to some how change the world. Why is it that all the evil people want to remake the world? Do they fill left out or something? Did they ever even try to fit in? These are all good questions, but unfortunately these answers will never be found out.

God Damn Gajeel seems like a pussy right now. He exerted a lot of energy to take out the small fries in Grimoire Heart. Maybe it that mages from dark guilds are stronger because they are not hampered by the rules that the officials guilds are. That probably does have a lot to do with it, but I mean come on. Gajeel has the power of the Metal Dragon, but he still had to exert a lot energy. This seemed like it should have been a cakewalk for him.


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