Phi Brain 03

Einstein shows his potential again. Even with that stupid thing that Cubic put on him he was still able to solve the puzzle. What I want to know is how that little bracelet could detect when Einstein was thinking about puzzles? It just seems a little impossible for that bracelet to be able to tell that? The only way I see that as even remotely possible is if it were wired into brain and even then would have to able to sort through the different transmitting neurons to figure it out. Isn’t the human brain a wonderful thing?

That city planner guy was very maniacal in my opinion. He held the city hostage just to get Einstein and Galileo to solve that puzzle. I can’t believe that he was using that whole park as a puzzle. But at least Einstein came to the realization that they did not have to run around the whole park in order to solve it.

If I understood it correctly it is special type of Sudoku puzzle called a Mahoujin.  The total of each row or column has to be 34. Instead of using 1-9 through it uses 1-16 as the playable numbers. It is also played on four by four square. It seems pretty interesting to me. Maybe I should see if anything like it is available in the U.S.


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