Beelzebub 38

So the Great Demon Lord forgot about having Baby Beel in the Human World with the mission to destroy it some day. He then becomes impatient forgetting that Beel is still a baby and sends his bigger brother to do just that. When he does appear in the human world Kunieda gets all the information she needs about what Baby Beel is. She just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately she gets knocked by Yolda of Lord En’s Demon Maidservants.

Everyone is then taken back to Furuichi’s place where they eventually play a video game with Lord En. Being that he is a kid and all he loses all interest in destroying the Human after playing King of Fridays with Beel.

While this episode was good and all I see nothing really coming out of it. It confirmed what I assumed about Baby Beel’s family. That it probably end up being very big. I also figured that there had to be more Demon Maidservants. I don’t think that the Great Demon would send all of the Beautiful girls around him away.


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