The Many Ways to Find Anime

As any anime fans knows there are multiple ways that you can get access to anime with. You can buy dvd’s, The Anime Network VOD if you have cable, The Anime Networks website, and multiple other streaming sites or methods of questionable legality. But I am not here to provide you with explanation of these methods. What I am doing is explaining to you is how I watch anime on a day to day basis. Let’s get started.

Most of the anime that I watch is done so through Crunchyroll. Yes, I am paying member douche. The reason I pay for the membership is because I can watch the new anime put on the site the same day they put it up. I don’t like waiting to watch the newest episodes and there is no guarantee that fansubbers will have it up any faster. It is also because when I do feel like talking about anime online I don’t want to be the one talking about an episode two weeks old thinking it is the new one. Then there is the mobile app for android for crunchyroll. Ah the bliss of being able to watch anime practically anywhere.

I do watch a couple of anime from time to time using The Anime Network’s streaming site. The VOD pretty much sucks because a lot what is on there is stuff that I have already watched multiple times. While the site could be a little better to use it allows me to watch most stuff as a paying member the same day it comes out. Here is where free members get shafted. If it is anything streaming from the current season you only get access to the first two episodes of an anime. After that you must pay.

While I try avoid Hulu at all costs I still watch a couple of shows here too. The main one I am using it for now is Nurarihyon’s second season. The reason to avoid Hulu is because of all the in video ads. You can never skip those things. I won’t go into why it would be a good idea for Hulu to remove the ads because they probably never will.

The last place I stream from I just found out about it today is NicoNico Duga’s english website. While they do not have a big selection because they go season by season by season. It would also seem that they only have stuff from Funimation and Aniplex USA.  But it is always better than torrenting a bunch of stuff. I can guarantee you that my ISP hates me when I do that.

Last but not least I do some torrenting, but I try and keep it to a minimum if possible. I live in a house with other people and if I was always torrenting something they would get pissed at me very quickly. I do not use any streaming site like or unless I have to. I have an aversion to watching anime in bad quality and where most of anime for these sites is uploaded to has compression stuff that makes quality suffer. In most cases I just don’t like all the flash stuff surrounding the video they have.

Well I hope that you enjoyed reading this. Who am I kidding? No one is going to read this.


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