Phi Brain 2

I am still out on why the creator of this anime decided to use puzzles as the way people fight in Phi Brain. The last time I knew being able to solve even a jigsaw puzzle was considered a bad thing. At least here in America it is. It is considered having way too much time on your hands. That time better be used working at your job, hanging out with friends, getting laid, and partying. On second thought I think I will take being able to solve puzzles. It at least shows that I am a rather intelligent person. 

Now on to more pressing matters in Phi Brain. The Head Master of Einstein’s school has told him that there is some type of evil organization involved with that puzzle he solved to get Orpheus’s Contract. While that does not surprise me at all I have always wondered where the Evil Organizations in anime like this get there money from to fund whatever it is they are doing. In this case it building puzzles. Then there comes the second problem. How in the hell do you convince would be investors that what you are doing will earn them something? In this case the Evil Organization is Called P.O.G. and they want to unlock God’s Puzzle or the Divine Puzzle. It all depends on how you want to translate the Japanese. Like I asked before. How do you convince people that something like this actually exists?

There is also the arrival of a rival for Einstein. This rival is Gammon Sakanoue, but I will call him by his mark name of Galileo. Of course Einstein can’t accept anyone being better than him at puzzles are at anything in general and Galileo baits him into buying 3000 yen worth of food. That is strike one Einstein. But it would that Galileo here is also good at solving this puzzles created by The P.O.G. and the person in charge of the puzzle that Daimon Kaito was suppose to solve originally could not handle the idea of someone solving his puzzle. But Einstein and his armlet found the way yet again.

It seems that Jikukawa is very interested in him. Einstein made a big statement in the Head Master’s office about not being used, but apparently he is still getting used. Einstein apparently does not know how getting used works. Most times the person getting used does not realize he is getting used at first. I think that Daimon should have taken the deal of getting paid because then at least he is not getting used. He would be getting paid to solve puzzles which is something that he likes doing already.


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