Fairy Tail 101

It is revealed who the mysterious person on Tenroujima is. It is the legendary Black Wizard, Zeref. Who would have though that Zeref would appear on the Island owned by Fairy Tail? The Next question much like Natsu is how does he know Natsu? Then again if he is this all powerful person that Master Hades of Grimoire Heart is making him out to be then it would be understandable.

Which reminds me. Grimoire Heart makes its appearance this episode. So now we have the Enemy of Fairy Tail for this Arc. It would seem that Master Hades is very intent on awakening Zeref so that way he can get access to Zeref’s magic. He sounds like some type of tyrannical ruler. Oh wait he probably does want to become one.

Since I don’t like feel commenting on anything else in the episode I will it here.


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