Bakuman S2 Ep. 1&2

Sorry for the late post on the first two episodes of Bakuman Season 2. Being a college student and all makes it quite hard sometimes to stay on top of stuff. But enough about that. I am guessing no one comes here to read about my personal life. On to Bakuman Season 2.

I will start with the main point of episode 1. Episode 1 showcased what happens to most new serializations. Takagi and Mashiro got a new editor who goes by Miura. He is a lively person and he has big aspirations for the both of them. He explained to them the terms of their contract with Jack and that they will be getting assistants. One of them has made being an assistant an art form in and of itself. Ogawa is what Miura called a professional assistant. The other two assistants are Takahama and Katou. Takahama is a 19 year old who does not seem to talk much and Katou is a girl is happy just being an assistant. This main points of episode 1.

In Episode two a little problem arose between Mashiro and Azuki because of her agent asking her to do a photo book. But the problem was resolved after Takagi intervened and got Azuki to call Mashiro and talk some sense into him. If Mashiro would have ran off to Azuki’s place they would have gotten behind. Azuki decided to not do the photo book because of Mashiro telling her that he wants her all to himself. At least Azuki got another job offer.

Mashiro also had a talk with Takahama and the gest of why he does not really talk with Ogawa and Katou is because he believes they have nothing in common. Takahama seems like he is striving for a big dream because he wants to work for Disney. He is inspired by Mashiro who is also working to accomplish a dream.

It seems like Mashiro and Takagi are now going to be busy with having a serialized manga. It seems like a lot of work, but if it pays off it will pay off big. Hopefully they can become as big as something like One Piece or Dragon Ball Z. Even right now they are making a lot money for High School students. I like watching this because it showcases some of the struggles that manga artists have to go through in order to become serialized. Mashiro and Takagi’s problems are magnified by the fact that they are still are in High School and have homework to do.

That was an interesting problem that Mashiro and Azuki had. I would probably be like Mashiro because I would want the one I love to show only me her body or I would only want to be the one to see her in a swimsuit before any other man would. But unfortunately that is very impossible in most societies today unless the girl happens to be a hermit.


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