Fairy Tail 100

So the first part of the S-Class exams have concluded with these five teams making it out. Gajeel and Levy got the Peaceful path and obviously Gajeel was very pissed about this. Cana and Lucy defeated Fried and Bickslow. Elfman and Evergreen defeated Mira with one hell of a trick. Natsu and Happy while not technically winning against Gildarts came through because Gildarts sought to teach Natsu something. Gray and Loke won against Mest and Wendy very easily.

Now Makarov has announced that the second part of the exam will involve the teams looking for the Grave of Fairy Tail’s first Guild Master. This seems like it could be a pretty hard test because Makarov gave absolutely no hints to its location. But based upon the weird shape of the island I surmised much like Natsu did that it probably rests at the top of the island. But it seems like that is going to have to wait because a weird person has shown up on the island.


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