Beelzebub 37

A new homeroom teacher has stepped into the room of the Ishiyama High School Students and seems like he means business. You beat the hell out of Oga, Tojo, and Izuma. He has to be some pretty strong person to do that. He also the demon royal crest on his which shows that he has some type of connection with Baby Beel’s family. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that he goes around calling everyone a piece of crap. Then again when you have as much power as he does I guess you can go around saying that stuff.

Kunieda is catching on pretty fast to what Oga and Baby Beel really have. She is starting to piece together the puzzle. I have a feeling that with the appearance of the New Teacher she will piece everything together. To do bad everyone is taking her inquires into what Oga really is that is she is trying to confess to him. I mean she probably wants to do that as well, but what she has in mind right has more importance than that. She might also want to get to know Oga better before she does confess. Who knows?

I do believe that this is the first time that Hilde has shown an ounce of her demon powers. It was a pretty spectacular display as well. I would fear as well as love her. Is it odd that I was slightly turned on by her display of demonic powers? I would definitely want her on my side. But unfortunately she got defeated by the new teacher and that is how it is revealed that he has some connection to the royal family.


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