Fairy Tail 99 Natsu vs Gildarts

Natsu has had his first true lesson in fear. And Gildarts gave it to him. But before that let’s travel back in time to the beginning of the episode and discuss the fights that are happening between Erza and the team of Lisanna and Juvia along with Mira versus her brother and Evergreen.

Even though the fight hasn’t started the one between Mira and Elfman and Evergreen is going to be an interesting one. I know that Elfman is not going to be to confrontational with her. There is also the fact that they show up with her in her demon form. It is not hard to see that most of this fight will have Elfman dodging the attacks of Mira while Evergreen figures something out.

Now on to the Erza fight with Juvia and Lisanna. The scene starts out with a frustrated Juvia because of Erza. Erza is using an exquip that nullifies all of Juvia’s water attacks. It does not help that Lisanna has not been doing with Fairy Tail for a while because of being in Edolas. Erza is also able to make split second decisions and Juvia can doing nothing against it. Juvia thought that Erza would be open when Lisanna attacked, but it should be obvious to any battle strategist that Erza would have made the calculations for fighting two people and would never leave herself open.

Now on to the battle of Natsu vs Gildarts. It took Natsu forever to just move Gildarts out of his original and like Happy said that did not bode well for Natsu. It shows that Natsu still has a lot to learn before he can defeat Gildarts. Even after that Fire Dragon’s Crimson locust Gildarts probably had more power than Natsu did. Gildarts showed by powering up. This eventually made Natsu kneel on the ground in fear. Natsu has learned a most important lesson. That lesson is that fear is not always a bad thing. To teaches people what their weaknesses are so that way they can overcome them and get stronger.


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