Beelzebub 35

At the start of the volleyball game the gang from Ishiyama was doing very poorly. They had no unity in what they were doing. Hell Oga and Tojo didn’t even the rules to the game. They tried playing basketball. But once they started using Baby Beel as a decoy they were able to catch up to the Six Holy Knights pretty quickly. That is when Izuma decided to take over and start with those demonic serves of his. Kunieda was having trouble returning them. So the Six Holy Knights won the first match in the set of three.

Halfway into the second match Kunieda was forced to sit out because of the damage done her arms. For a little while the Ishiyama team just fell apart. But once Kunieda rejoined and showed her leadership the team had unity and knew what they were doing. They won the second match and even the third match which means that their expulsion was cancelled and the Six Holy Knights now have their authority rescinded. But they don’t really seem to care. They a man from Oga’s past makes an appearance. It is the man who messed with Miki when they were in middle school together. From this point the former Six Holy Knights might band together to protect St. Ishiyama from this threat. Maybe Miki will actually learn why Oga knocked him out that day.


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