Fairy Tail 98

This episode saw the participants in the S class mage exam arrive at Tenroujima Island. Makarov was very sly in how he started off the exam. He had it start while everyone was still on the boat. But at least he gave them all a fair explanation of what would happen when they actually got on the island. The main part of the first exam goes something like this; there are eight paths to choose from. Three of them have battles with the current S class mages in the guild. Those people being Erza, Guildarts, and Mirajane. Two of the paths have participants going up against each other. The final path is w path that has no obstacle present. As Makarov put it the first exam tests might and luck.
Even though Makarov said it was not race they all treated it like one. I could see why though. None except Natsu and Handel really wanted to fight the current s class mages. Fried had a pretty good plan of trapping everyone in the boat until it was found out once a path was chosen you were stuck with it. He was probably planning to explore the paths to get the calm one. The bad part was that Cana and Lucy were the last one’s to arrive on the island and got stuck with the path where they had to fight. At least it was quickly found out that Fried had a weakness from women and Cana was quick to exploit that. Operation summon women from bikinis is a go. And Bickslow was handly defeated with a wool attack from Aries and a kick to the face.


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