Beelzebub 34

I really don’t know where to start with this one. So I will start with Furuichi and the Maid Cafe. Furuichi’s womanizing has made want to check out the maid cafe setup by Azusa’s class. While this is going on Kazu learns that the Six Holy Knights setup a pretty fancy coffee shop and that is why the Maid Cafe is getting no business. Furuichi then comes up with plan, but really I believe that he just wanted to how many girls he could get to wear the maid outfits. He got all the girls from the Red Tails to wear them. The look on Nene and Aoi’s faces were priceless. It was just a face of complete puzzlement.

Oga finally shows back up at the school and the first he does is goes and gets something to eat. But who would have guessed that he would wind up at the stand that Tojo runs. As soon as they notice each other you can tell that there is a tense situation there. Even other people can tell that it is tense. The gang from Teimo Tech shows up and gets the shit beat out of them. And now it is time for the match with the Six holy Knights.


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