Fairy Tail 97

The start of the next arc has happened pretty quickly. I was expecting at least a couple of filler episodes. But that is good thing for because then I don’t have to have a break in posts about Fairy Tail. Well then on to the main show.

This episode saw the start of Fairy Tail’s annual S-class mage exam. It would seem that Canada has had problems passing this exam and therefore wants to quit the guild instead of overcoming her problems. Eight mages from Fairy Tail were announced as participants in this exam. They are Cana, Natsu, Levy, Gray, Juvia, Elfman, Fried, and Mest who has never been seen before in the guild. These people were given a week to find partners, but it seems that much was not really needed. Gray is partnering with Loke, Natsu is of course going with Happy, Lisanna is going with Juvia, Gajeel has decided to partner with Levy, it would Lucy is with Cana after a heart felt story, Fried chose Bickslow, by all appearances it is going to be Evergreen with Elfman, and finally Mest with Wendy.

The exam will take place on Tenroujima Island and it is going to be a pretty hard exam and it is high stakes. Only one person can become an S-class mage. With Erza, Mira, and Gildarts in way it is definitely going to be hard. But the idea here is that if you can beat an S-class mage you can become one.


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